Dental Providers

Beate Wolfe, DDS – Dentist

Beate Wolfe (pronounced BEE-AH-TUH), DDS, certified Dental Surgeons.

Born in East Germany, Dr. Wolfe’s parents moved the family to West Germany when she was three years old.  She and her brother grew up, went to college and both of them also became dentists, like their parents. 

Dr. Wolfe started her private practice in Cologne, Germany in 1985.  By 1996, running her own business and raising two children by herself was beginning to take its’ toll.  In 1997, she had re-married and immigrated to the United States with her children.  After passing her US Dental Boards, Dr. Wolfe worked locally in Lompoc and Santa Maria, before settling in Solvang with her family.  She began working for the Clinic in September of 2006 and has quickly become a favorite with both patients and staff.

Paul Dankemeyer, DDS – Dentist