Native American Services

We offer medical & dental care & community health education activities designed to enhance health awareness & practices in the Native American community.


Native American Services

Because Native American people, regardless of income or living conditions, have specific important health needs, the Santa Ynez Tribal Health Clinic maintains services and screening programs designed for Native American patients of all ages. Through these services, we join with others in the Native American community to support and enhance the health and well-being of all Native Americans. Our providers are California licensed physicians, nurses, dentists, and registered dental assistants, all with an understanding and appreciation for the unique cultural needs of Native American people.

The Santa Ynez Tribal Health Clinic has achieved mature contractor status with the Indian Health Service, State Indian Health Program, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. We offer medical and dental care and community health education activities designed to enhance health awareness and practices in the Native American community. Referrals to outside medical, dental and social services are provided. Home visits to tribal residents needing services, from newborns to elders, are available.

Our Social Services Department meets the needs of Native American patients with assistance and referrals for elders, advocacy for tribal children involved in the legal system and substance abuse issues. A collaborative system is in place with local schools, county social services, law enforcement, county child protection services and other community organizations to enable a multidisciplinary approach to provide social services. Our experienced staff provides counseling, education and referral services for drug and alcohol abuse, smoking cessation, anger management, domestic violence, elder care, nutrition, and specific health problems, such as diabetes. Meals on Wheels are delivered for the housebound. Elder activities include communal meals, arts and crafts, educational activities and group outings. Transportation to outside medical visits is provided for tribal patients.

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