A Unique Care Option in Santa Barbara

Casa Rhoda is a family owned residential assisted care provider located in Santa Barbara California. The caregivers, staff and administrators of Casa Rhoda welcome you to the Casa Rhoda website.

Family Dignity Love and Respect

Casa Rhoda respects the privacy and security of all its residents. The spirit of the love that prevails in all Casa Rhoda homes is best reflected in the contented and graceful expressions of the residents as they receive compassionate care, share memories, enjoy family visits, socialize, savor personalized home cooked meals or participate in special seasonal celebrations.

Plan a Visit to Casa Rhoda

The best way to see the superlative care provided to Casa Rhoda residents is to make a personal visit to the Casa Rhoda homes. Casa Rhoda invites you to do so. To schedule a visit or just talk about your family’s needs, please call us, or use the scheduling tool (Schedule a Personal Tour) at the top of the right column on all pages of this site. You may inquire about our homes or request more information on availability or the waiting list.

The Embrace of Family

Run by two generations of the Demonteverde family, Casa Rhoda residential care homes provide a wholesome, healthy, secure and loving environment for elders who need the support of assisted care and memory-impairment care. Casa Rhoda is all about the embrace of family. Norma and Rudy Demonteverde established their first residential care home in Santa Barbara in 1999. Over the succeeding 16 years, they and their adult children — Rhoda, Norman, John and Don, along with other extended family members — have become leading senior care providers in the community, helping Santa Barbarans with their aging loved ones.

Tradition of Caregiving

From the purchase of their first home — Casa Rhoda One — Rudy and Norma have made the well being, safety and health of their residents their top priority. Their unusually personal and loving approach integrated with their family-oriented vocation of caregiving has attracted many in Santa Barbara and throughout the country to entrust their loved ones to the embrace and security of the Casa Rhoda homes.

Today, the Demonteverdes and a team of talented caregivers continue the tradition of family centered assisted and memory impairment care in four residential homes. Three of the four homes are located on the same tree-lined block in a quiet neighborhood. These are the homes where the Demonteverde family lives and where every resident is embraced as family, with dignity, love and respect. Casa Rhoda is unique among the assisted care options available in Santa Barbara for seniors and their families