Payment Assistance Programs

The following are a number of other programs available thru SYTHC:


Payment Assistance Programs

The following are a number of other programs available thru SYTHC:


Medi-Cal is a program available for families that are low-income. To qualify you must meet certain income qualifications. Please meet with our Eligibility Specialist to help you get started. Cencal’s number is (800) 421-2560 if you have additional questions.


Medicare is a primarily a program for patients Age 65 and older. To apply for the program you must meet with a Medicare worker. To find an office nearest you, click here.


Family Pact is a program that allows men and women to receive no-cost family planning services. There are qualifications that must be met. The SYTHC eligibility department can assist you with the application. If you have questions about the program you may call 1-877-FAMPACT.

You must meet all the following criteria to be eligible for Family PACT services.

  • Be a resident of California (have a California address)
  • Have a gross family income at or below 200 percent of the Federal poverty level. Please Click here to view federal poverty level income guidelines
  • Be determined by the Family PACT provider to be at risk of pregnancy or causing pregnancy
  • Lack  Of Other Insurance Coverage
  • Have no other source of health care coverage for family planning services OR
    • Have insurance with unmet deductible OR
    • Have Medi-Cal with no family planning coverage OR
    • Have Medi-Cal with unmet share of cost OR
    • Have insurance but need to keep family planning services confidentialGATEWAY PROGRAMGateway program is for children who have already received a CHDP visit. The CHDP visit qualifies them for full scope Medi-cal for up to 60 days. For more information on Gateway, click here.


      Breast exams and mammograms will be available to eligible women 40 or older,
      low income, and that does not have medical insurance that covers these services,
      or have a high insurance deductible or co-payment. Cervical Services cover women Ages 21-40. Women over the age of 40 can have breast exams included with their Cervical Services


      Is a Federal/State program that allows providers to offer pregnant patients
      immediate Medi-Cal. Any pregnant woman at or below 200% of the federal
      poverty level is eligible for this program. If denied, the patient will be on Medi-
      Cal until the end of the month of Presumptive Eligibility (for example: 4/23 to
      4/30). If the patient does not apply for Medi-Cal, coverage will end at the end
      of the following month of Presumptive Eligibility (for example: if the patient is
      set up on 4/23, coverage will end on 5/31).


      The Santa Ynez Tribal Health Clinic has two Enrollment Counselors ready to assist you with Covered California. Dental for Covered California will begin in January of 2015

      Andrea Domingos: English/Spanish


      **Some programs may not qualify for Minimal Essential Coverage under the Affordable Health Care Act

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